The history of hockey in canada

Sept 24, The Beginning There are many conflicting theories on when and where the game of hockey started but for all accounts the game evolved out the Irish field game called Hurley. Hurley is played year round in Ireland on a field with a ball and stick. The game of Hurley was played regularly in the fields of Nova Scotia back in the early 's.

The history of hockey in canada

Name[ edit ] In England, field hockey has been historically referred to as simply "hockey" and it is in historical references to field hockey that the name "hockey" first appears.

A form of this word was thus being used in the 16th century, though much removed from its current usage. The English historian and biographer John Strype did not use the word "hockey" when he translated the proclamation in In Europe, these games included the Irish game of hurlingthe closely related Scottish game of shinty and versions of field hockey including " bandy ball ", played in England.

It was played with a wooden curved bat called a colf or kolfa wooden or leather ball and two poles or nearby landmarkswith the objective to hit the chosen point using the least number of strokes.

A similar game knattleikr had been played for a thousand years or more by the Scandinavian peoples, as documented in the Icelandic sagas. Polo has been referred to as "hockey on horseback".

I must now describe to you the game of Hockey; we have each a stick turning up at the end. We get a bung. There are two sides one of them knocks one way and the other side the other way.

If any one of the sides makes the bung reach that end of the churchyard it is victorious. InJohn Franklin wrote "The game of hockey played on the ice was the morning sport" on Great Bear Lake during one of his Arctic expeditions.

A mids watercolour portrays New Brunswick lieutenant-governor Archibald Campbell and his family with British soldiers on skates playing a stick-on-ice sport. In another British Army officer in Kingston, Ontario wrote, "Began to skate this year, improved quickly and had great fun at hockey on the ice.

Rand also describes a game played probably after European contact with hurleysknown as wolchamaadijik. The number of players was often large. To this day, shinney derived from "shinty" is a popular Canadian [18] term for an informal type of hockeyeither ice or street hockey.

Thomas Chandler Haliburtonin The Attache: Instead of a ball or bung, the game featured a "flat circular piece of wood" [23] to keep it in the rink and to protect spectators.

The history of hockey in canada

The goal posts were 8 feet 2. The McGill team won the tournament and was awarded the "Carnival Cup". The positions were now named: Moritz, Switzerland; however, this is undocumented.

History of Hockey Canada

The match was won by the Oxford Dark Blues, 6—0; [30] [31] the first photographs and team lists date from Sinceconsidered the th anniversary of the rivalry, teams of the two colleges play for the Carr-Harris Cup. Inrealizing that there was no recognition for the best team in Canada although a number of leagues had championship trophieshe purchased a silver bowl for use as a trophy.

Bythere were almost a hundred teams in Montreal alone; in addition, there were leagues throughout Canada. William Fairbrotherfrom OntarioCanada is credited with inventing the ice hockey net in the s.

Left and right defence began to replace the point and cover-point positions in the OHA in Soon afterwards, Chace put together a team of men from Yale, Brownand Harvardand toured across Canada as captain of this team. Yale, led by captain Chace, beat Hopkins 2—1. The Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace was founded in to govern international competition, and the first European championship was won by Great Britain in The sport grew further in Europe in the s, after ice hockey became an Olympic sport.

Many bandy players switched to hockey so as to be able to compete in the Olympics. The Stannus Street Rink in Windsor, Nova Scotia built in may be the oldest still in existence; however, it is no longer used for hockey. The Aberdeen Pavilion built in in Ottawa was used for hockey in and is the oldest existing facility that has hosted Stanley Cup games.

It has been modified extensively several times in its history and is used today by Northeastern University for hockey and other sports.

The history of hockey in canada

Switzerland, ; future Canadian prime minister Lester Pearson is at right front See also: Professional ice hockeyHistory of the National Hockey Leagueand History of Canadian Hockey Professional hockey has existed since the early 20th century. Bythe Western Pennsylvania Hockey League was the first to employ professionals.

The IPHL, cut off from its largest source of players, disbanded in By then, several professional hockey leagues were operating in Canada with leagues in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

The NHA would further refine the rules: After re-organizing as the National Hockey League inthe league expanded into the United States, starting with the Boston Bruins in Professional hockey leagues developed later in Europe, but amateur leagues leading to national championships were in place.Ice hockey, as we know it today, is definitely the product of Canada.

In the 's, the first logged games of ice hockey were played, and in the 's, the first set of ice hockey rules were written by a group of students at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

The McGill University Hockey Club, the first ice hockey club, was founded in (followed by the Quebec Bulldogs named Quebec Hockey Club and organized in and the Montreal Victorias, organized in ).

International Hockey. Canada has brought home the gold medal at all six IIHF Women's World Hockey Championships to date!! Canada earned a silver medal in the first ever Olympics for Women's hockey!

Hockey Night in Canada: 60 Seasons [Michael McKinley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Before Twitter, before hour sports channels, long before fans watched highlight goals on their phones—long before something called a “highlight” had been invented—there was Hockey Night in Canada. It was cutting-edge technology back then. The first hockey leagues formed in the mids, while the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC), which began in , was the first national hockey organization.

At the Montreal Winter Carnival in , at a match between the Montreal Victorias and the Amateur Athletic Association, Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Governor General of. You have indicated that you do not have an account with Hockey Canada's eHockey website.

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