Taxi business plan south africa

You have to phone a taxi company to get a ride, or find an area where they park. But the majority of their business is obtained by telephone bookings. Who grants licences to operate?

Taxi business plan south africa

Pinterest Email A taxi business is a potentially profitable venture that you can invest on particularly if you live in the city and there are plenty of people who need the services of cabs.

The taxi business is also a good business idea especially nowadays that people are already acknowledging the advantages of using public transportation over driving their own cars.

If you are interested in a taxi business, here are some of the things that you will be interested to know: The Taxi cab Taxi cabs are your most important requirement to start a taxi cab business. It will be up to you to decide what car model you will use but it is best to inquire first from your licensing agency because there may be particular types of car that are required for use by taxi businesses.

Operators of taxi businesses also have the option in choosing whether they will buy second hand cars or purchase new cars for their taxi business. If you prefer to use new cars for your taxi cab business, it is important that you understand it will require you to have more start up capital.

You may, however, check out financing programs that you can avail of when purchasing your taxi business vehicles. Maintenance of taxi cabs will make up a bulk of your taxi business expenses so it will be wise to find a mechanic who can repair and provide maintenance of your taxi cabs on a regular basis.

Other Requirements You will be required to secure a business permit before you can start the operation of your yellow cab taxi business. Other legal requirements to start a taxi business may vary from one place to another so it is best that you contact your local government agency for the complete list of documents and permits that you need.

Operational requirements for a taxi business, however, are the same. You will need a garage for your yellow cab taxi business where you will keep taxi cabs that are not in use.

You will also find it helpful to set up a hotline so it will be easier for people to contact your company when they need the services of a taxi cab business. You also need to hire honest and dependable drivers and dispatchers.

Make sure that you will be hiring drivers who can take good care of your cars and who have the necessary license to work and drive your taxi cabs. Make sure that you also provide your drivers with the necessary insurance.Starting a passenger transport business and what is required.

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taxi business plan south africa

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Starting a taxi business, like starting any South African business, requires planning. After creating a business plan and obtaining funding, the business must be registered with the appropriate South African agencies, including the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO), the Department of Labour and the Department of Transport.

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taxi business plan south africa

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