Should obese people pay higher health

I take the time, out of my extremely busy schedule as a small business owner, to cook healthy foods. As a small business owner making only around 40, per year, I fall through every single crack that exists, making my portion of taxes extremely high compared to my wage. I use healthy food, exercise, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques, as my primary medicine. Yet, my rates steadily increase every year.

Should obese people pay higher health

Why shouldn't smokers and obese people pay higher health insurance premiums? | Yahoo Answers

Yet one sort of pre-existing condition seems to have escaped the ban: On the BMI scale, a person with a score above 25 is considered overweight; above 30, obese. See How does being overweight affect my healthcare costs? Why the higher rates? The rationale is that those with weight problems tend to have more medical problems, which lead in turn to higher medical bills.

What other data show, though, is that having a high BMI does not necessarily determine that one is unhealthy.

You Are What You Eat!

And these "fat but fit" individuals posed no risk of dying earlier than normal weight participants. Is it fair to for insurers to penalize the overweight with higher rates because they cost the companies more?

If one studies annual medical expenses for unhealthy versus healthy people, one might find the unhealthy rack up higher costs, true. Voices for Change Higher premiums for people with unhealthy habits is not new: Smoking, he argues, seems more like a choice than gaining weight: Often companies waive the higher rates if the affected individual participates in a program to change unhealthy behaviors and shows results, eventually.

But while there are successful programs to quit smoking, weight-loss programs seem much less effective. For obesity, this approach has not worked.

The Bottom Line Having extra pounds on your frame may translate into paying extra dollars for your health insurance premiums.

Should obese people pay more for health care? |

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Should obese people pay higher health

Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox.And 62% percent of executives responding to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey this spring said workers who smoke or are obese should pay for higher benefit costs, up from 48% in Indeed some say that employers should go further in penalizing unhealthy habits.

Aug 16,  · Should overweight people pay more for health insurance? charging higher health-insurance premiums to anyone with a certain body-mass index. And yet it turns out that the obese already do. Given that there will never be enough money to pay for all possible medical procedures for everyone (the US already pays 2–3 times the percentage of its gross national product for health care.

Dec 08,  · Should be obese people pay higher premiums for healthcare? I think it is totally reasonable to charge more for health insurance for the obese whether you are one of the many overeaters or one of the few obese due to hormonal abmormalities.

Should people whose families have a predisposition to cancer or heart disease pay higher premiums. Higher premiums for people with unhealthy habits is not new: It's currently common (and much less controversial) for smokers to pay steeper rates than non-smokers, for example.

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Should smokers and the obese pay more for health insurance? health insurers will be able to raise premiums on people who smoke. It's one of the changes occurring under the health care reform.

Should obese people pay higher health
Why a Higher BMI Shouldn't Raise Insurance Rates | Investopedia