Proquest thesis binding

Using Harvard General rules for in-text references Use in-text references to acknowledge each author or source of information print or online used within your writing either by paraphrasing or using a direct quote. In-text reference details include the author s family name or company or organisation name, if the author is a company or organisation and year of publication, with extra information if required, such as page numbers. Lewis and Lewis When a work has two or three authors, always list all author s names every time the reference occurs in the text.

Proquest thesis binding

I graduated from CSU when paper copies of theses and dissertations were submitted. How do I request that my thesis or dissertation become accessible online? Please contact Beth Oehlerts at beth.

Proquest thesis binding

The Graduate School requires submission of the original digital file of the final, committee-approved version of your document. If that is no longer available, or no longer readable, the Libraries will scan one of its print copies.

It allows the Libraries to make your ETD available according to the release option you choose during ETD submission, and to make backup copies of your ETD or migrate it to future file formats as necessary for preservation purposes.

Students retain the copyright to their own work. Who can I contact for help if I have a problem submitting my thesis or dissertation? For general questions about submitting your thesis or dissertation, you should contact the Graduate School.

You may not make corrections to the PDF file without permission or instructions from the Graduate School. While most searchers may find your document by using an Internet search engine, some will access it directly through the CSU Digital Repository. What if I want to restrict access to my ETD?

There may be a number of reasons that you would like to restrict access to your work, including a patent pending, data sensitivity, and pre-publication concerns. It is important that you make an informed decision about the terms of access to your ETD.

In particular, you need to learn about two issues: If you plan to publish some or all of your ETD, you need to determine whether the journals and publishers who would be likely to publish your work regard an electronically accessible thesis or dissertation as a prior publication.

Electronic thesis submission to ProQuest

The policies on both these issues vary widely across fields and publishers, and change frequently. Take the time to investigate the conditions in your field, and make your decision with accurate and up-to-date information and in consultation with your advisor.

Authors may request restricted access to their work for up to two years. You must submit an explanation of the restriction, signed by your advisor, to the Graduate School with your thesis or dissertation paperwork.

Extensions are not possible, as one of the functions of the University is the generation and dissemination of contributions to knowledge and culture. The fundamental purpose of theses is to make such contributions available for public benefit.

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The move to electronic theses and dissertations creates unparalleled opportunities for wide and timely dissemination of the research of CSU graduates, creating greater opportunities for your scholarly work to be recognized by others.

You are therefore encouraged to make your ETD available worldwide. Technical Questions How do I format my electronic thesis or dissertation? Additional requirements for ETDs include: Security settings should not be applied to the PDF file.

The PDF file should not contain embedded multimedia. How do I convert my document into PDF format? For information on campus availability of Adobe Acrobat Professional for your use, please contact your local IT administrator or the Computing Help Desk at or help colostate.

You may purchase your own copy of the Adobe software through RamTech. Before beginning the PDF conversion process, however, you are strongly encouraged to embed the fonts you have used in your thesis into the file to be converted.

Embedding fonts will help to ensure that the material in your thesis will display correctly when viewed or printed from the PDF file. To further ensure that material displays correctly in the PDF file, use of either a Type 1 or TrueType font is recommended.

Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri are among the numerous TrueType fonts that are available in popular word processing programs. In Word, fonts are embedded by clicking on the File menu and then selecting Options.

On the Word options window, select Save from the options on the left side of the window and then place a check in the checkbox next to Embed fonts in the file. If either of the checkboxes under Embed fonts in the file are checked, uncheck those options and then click on the OK button.

The file will have to be re-saved in order to accept these changes. What if I am having problems creating a PDF? You may also contact Yongli Zhou.ETD Frequently Asked Questions. General Submission/Administrative Issues while reducing both printing/binding costs for you and processing/storage costs for the university.

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The electronic format is widely accessible and can incorporate a range of formats, including multimedia. When you submit your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest/UMI.

Proquest thesis binding

So You're Writing a Thesis or Dissertation Congratulations on your decision to publish your research! We are here to support you as you prepare your document for its final publication and binding.

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Guide to Formatting and Filing Theses and Dissertations. A Graduate Division Publication. ProQuest pays a royalty on sales of copies of the thesis or dissertation.

ProQuest Large margins are necessary because of the binding process (some students may choose to. Thesis/Dissertation Reader. The University Thesis/Dissertation Reader, Eliot Cossaboom ([email protected]), is available to answer any questions not found on this site by email or by appointment peak times, when there is a high volume of theses and dissertations to review, it may take up to three business days to receive a response.

The Library Thesis/Dissertation Binding Form 3 (or 4) unbound, edited, approved, and signed copies of your thesis/dissertation on 25%, 50% or % white cotton WATERMARKED bond .

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