Mount isarog

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Mount isarog

It has an elevation of 2, metres above mean sea level. Mount Isarog was where local troops of the Philippine Army and Constabulary units and Bicolano guerrillas hid during the Japanese Period. They are one of the first inhabitants in the entire Philippines and are of Negrito origin.

They are a group of Aeta people with a distinct language and heritage unique from others. Legal History It was made a public land through the Proclamation No. Towns around it is classified as timberland forest with an area of 13, hectares 33, acres.

Isarog Forest Reserve which reduced the size of the area to 10, But it was revoked by President Manuel L.

Mount isarog

Quezon when he signed Proclamation No. Isarog as a National Park. On June 20,by virtue of Proclamation No. Isarog became a protected area under the natural park.

One of these languages in the Isarog Agta language which has an estimated speaker of 5 people in the year The language was classified as Critically Endangered, meaning the youngest speakers are grandparents and older, and they speak the language partially and infrequently and hardly pass the language to their children and grandchildren anymore.

If the remaining people do not pass their native language to the next generation of Isarog Agta people, their indigenous language will be extinct within a period of 1 to 2 decades.

The Isarog Agta people live within the circumference of Mount Isarog, though only 5 of them still know their indigenous language.

They are one of the original Negrito settlers in the entire Philippines.


They belong to the Aeta people classification, but have distinct language and belief systems unique to their own culture and heritage.

Isarog has a rich diversity.

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It displays four major types of natural habitat or vegetation; from the warm grassland and lowland forest to the wet and cool climate of montane forest.The Bikol languages are a group of Central Philippine languages spoken mostly in the Bicol Peninsula in the island of Luzon, the neighboring island province of Catanduanes and the island of Burias of is a dialect continuum between the Visayan languages and the Bikol languages; the two together are called the Bisakol languages.

The Pearl Spider: Kindle edition by Wendell Cooper. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Pearl Spider. Three trails in Mt. Isarog lead to two different destinations.

The commonly used trail, leading to the summit, is the Panicuason trail, which starts at DENR station in Brgy. Panicuason, Naga City. List of endangered animals.

Mount isarog

Worldwide Endangered Animal List. The following is a list of all endangered animals. (CNN) — One of the Philippines best assets is its 7, islands, edged by white sand buffering turquoise waters filled with some of the world's most diverse marine life. And most of them are.

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