Ecuadorian rose industry

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Ecuadorian rose industry

Drying[ edit ] One of the earliest methods of preserving flowers is by drying. Many plants retain their shape and color when air-dried naturally. Use of glycerinemaking the preserved plant supple and long-lasting. To use this method, the plant material needs to be gathered in a fully hydrated state.

Water and glycerine are then mixed. The ratio of water to glycerine should be 2: The water should be lukewarm for better mixing and faster absorption. If the autumn colors are showing, it may be too late to preserve them in glycerine.

Unglazed paper, such as newsprint or an old telephone Ecuadorian rose industryis best for pressing. Flowers are spread so they do not overlap between several thicknesses of newspaper. Additional layers of paper and flowers can be built up and then covered with a board or piece of cardboard before pressing down with Ecuadorian rose industry heavy object.

The time required for drying, depending on the flower size or tissue content, can be anywhere from two to four weeks. The easiest and most effective way to dry most flowers is to tie them in small bundles with twineraffia or ribbonsand hang them upside down, out of direct sunlight in a warm, well-ventilated place.

Bunches should contain one type of flower. Large flowers are dried individually. The leaves stripped as soon as possible after picking. They retain moisture and slow down the drying process. Wall hooks, poles or wires are placed at least six inches from the ceiling. Heads should be staggered to allow plenty of air to circulate.

This prevents mildew and rot. It may be necessary to re-tie bunches or individual flowers half way through the drying process, because the stems tend to shrink as they dry.

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The drying period can range from one week to several weeks depending on the type of material, when and where it was harvested and the humidity of the place where it is drying. The stems of hung flowers tend to dry unnaturally straight and the flowers become very brittle.

Suggested flowers to air dry include: Non-ventilated chambers are not appropriate, because they generate too much moisture. The flowers are slotted through holes in a wire mesh rack leaving room for the stems to dangle below.

The time required depends upon the density of the flowers. Silica gel drying[ edit ] Another trend is silica gel. Its initial cost is greater than that of borax - sand or borax- cornmeal combinations, but silica gel can be used over and over for many years.

Silica gel dries flowers quickly, so it can be used to dry more flowers during a single season than the same quantity of a borax mixture. Silica gel is available under a number of trade names. It is white, but some types contain blue crystals that act as an indicator of the amount of moisture that has been absorbed.

When these crystals are clear blue, the material is dry.

Ecuadorian rose industry

As moisture is absorbed from the flowers, the crystals gradually turn pink. At that point, it is time to re-dry the crystals before using them again. Material is then stirred several times while drying. Flowers dried in silica gel must be placed in airtight containers. If a container is not sealed tightly, the silica gel absorbs moisture from the air, and flowers dry too slowly or not at all.

A candy tin, plastic containercoffee can, large-mouth jar or any other container with a tight-fitting lid may be used. If no containers with tight lids are available, loose tops should be sealed with tape.

Silica gel is especially useful for drying fragile plants and flowers with delicate colors. Flowers that dry best in silica gel are alliumanemonecornflower, rosestulip and zinnia.1 day ago · The San Antonio Express-News reports 45 percent of the blooms stocked by retail flower shops — including the lilies flown in from the Netherlands and the roses imported from Colombia and Ecuador.

Ecuadorian rose industry

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All Cool topics Design Events and Exhibition info Featured Hydrangea In the Spotlight Industry News Innovation New Products Seasonal Info. Cool topics. The Hydrangeas from Ecuador seem to be much more hardy to the touch (similar to Dutch Hydrangeas), versus what is available in Colombia. Rose report.

REGISTER NOW. Search. The Ecuadorian economy is ruled by two major groups, oil and agricultural products, a third and smaller group is the tourism industry. Oil of high quality is found in the Amazonian Region and transported to Esmeraldas in the Pacific Coast across the Andean Region trough pipelines.

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