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Follow 30daysofwildparenting on WordPress. The expert series is a series of books written by Dr David Hessayon. They are best sellers.

Dr david hessayon

Question — who is the bestselling non-fiction author in history? Or, indeed, the bestselling author in Britain in the s of any genre, aside from Catherine Cookson? None of them Dr david hessayon been selling books in shedloads for half a century.

One in two households in Britain has a book by Dr David G. Hessayon, author of the perennial Expert series of gardening guides. Hessayon is not so much an author as an institution.

Coming from a household of gardening enthusiasts, I was weaned on his books. It was his publishing longevity around 50 million copies sold sinceubiquity one in four of all gardening paperbacks sold is by Hessayonindustry 23 titles and counting, covering every aspect of gardening imaginable and his scrupulously maintained lack of celebrity, that may explain why I thought Hessayon was either a brand-name for a series written by committee or a famous gardener from an earlier age whose name was continued posthumously, a kind of outdoor Mrs Beeton.

He has always been a team of one, with no co-author or editor, so his warts-and-all voice remains undiluted. So if I split an infinitive — tough! Lots of books are done by committees and teams. Each Expert is designed in single- or double-page spreads, with pre-sized boxes in which the right amount of text Dr david hessayon inserted.

In the s, these began to carry pictures on one side and text on the other. Hessayon was initially unaware of this influence on his home-grown design style until he was working on a page about leaf cuttings in begonias. So he bought the set and started to collect cigarette cards seriously.

This kind of design is now commonplace but back in the s it was totally new. Hessayon, then Chief Scientist at gardening manufacturer Pan Britannic Industries you know them too — they make Baby Bio houseplant fertilizersaw his market and went for it.

Dr david hessayon

They want diagrams and a minimum of completely didactic text to tell them exactly what to do, with no rhapsodizing.

These are interesting, but you lose contact with the practical problems faced by gardeners, by which I mean people who may not be trained gardeners but have a garden. So, I identified my reader.

Not that he quit his job to write.

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Hessayon rose through the ranks and left PBI at 65, as Chairman. As for his sideline as a writer, he is not just one author at his publisher, TransWorld — he is an entire division. So in he moved across the Pennines to read Special Honours in Botany of the ultra-pure variety that was studied at Leeds.

Everything you were told was assumed to be right. Its immense success is evidence enough that the Expert series germinated at the right time, but Hessayon has the knack of producing individual titles to match upcoming trends in gardening.

A newly revised Vegetable and Herb Expert met the current fashion for allotment-holding. The House Plant Expert revamped in first came out when indoor plants were the latest craze: And about fashion, what does Hessayon think of the garden-makeover programme, in which a team produces a show-garden from nothing in a couple of days?

You look at it. You walk around it. You see where the sun is. You see where the shadows fall. Then you decide to lay some turf. So you level the ground and wait a week or two for the ground to settle. But a new garden should look awful.

But a TV producer wants a garden packed with plants in full flower. The garden makeover program is a good example of what not to do.

Indeed, Hessayon enjoys the anonymity that allows him to go out and about without being recognized. The trouble starts where his name appears in a register or manifest.

The House Plant Expert

And when staying in a less-than-luxurious boarding house, the landlord, looking at his name, said that Hessayon had the same name as a famous gardening writer. The Pests and Weeds Expert is due out this April, and I had a sneak preview of another title which will prove extremely controversial in some parts of the gardening world.Blog post by drc - Dr D Hessayon has said in today's papers that the garden books industry is in decline due to the internet.

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The award is generously sponsored by Dr David Hessayon, in honor of his late wife Joan, who was a longstanding member of the RNA and a great supporter of the New Writers’ Scheme. The Winner will be announced on the 13th May Categories Awards. Dr David Hessayon. Dr David Hessayon OBE (Botany ) is the most famous author you’ve never heard of. Science writer Dr Henry Gee (Genetics & Zoology ) went to . Cisco exam dumps in VCE Files with Latest questions. Latest Cisco practice test questions with % verified answers. Download free Cisco practice test questions and answers for passing the exam fast!

Latest Cisco practice test questions with % verified answers. Download free Cisco practice test questions and answers for passing the exam fast! The world's best-selling gardening author Dr David Hessayon is close to retirement, he has revealed.

Hessayon, 79, is to write what he believes will be his last book next year. The new book by the best-selling author - 50 million copies of his books have been sold in 22 languages - entitled The Orchid Expert, will be out in early Dr hessayon fruit. Dr hessayon fruit.

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Sep 04,  · Dr Hessayon: the most famous writer nobody knows This blog is prompted by a discussion on who did the illustrations for the expert series.

The expert series is a series of books written by Dr David Hessayon.

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