Differences and similarities in the arguments

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Differences and similarities in the arguments

Image used with permission from MorgueFile. If evolution were true, and all life has evolved from a single common ancestor, we should expect to see similarities present in organisms. However, using these similarities as evidence for evolution makes the argument fallacious on two counts.

Differences and similarities in the arguments

In other words, if two animals are similar, it is assumed they are closely related in the evolutionary scale. This line of reasoning also commits the fallacy of Affirming the Consequent. We do see similarities.

Therefore, evolution is true. But this is also fallacious. The moon has large depressions. Therefore, the moon is probably made of Swiss cheese.

Similarities Examined Putting all this aside, is it really true that supposedly closely related organisms have similar structures? Yes, some vertebrates do have similar forelimbs — but this could also be the result of a common designer just as much as the result of common ancestry.

This in itself overrules any claim that similarities are exclusive evidence for evolution. Evolutionists thought so too, but they cannot create any coherent theories to explain the origin of the eye in this way.

Scientists were convinced that the Red Panda was closely related to the Giant Panda based on many similarities such as extra thumbs, V-shaped jaw, similar teeth, and similar skulls. Seals and sea lions look extremely similar; but most evolutionists believe that seals evolved from a skunk or otter, while sea lions evolved from a dog or bear.

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Even though they are very hard to tell apart, seals and sea lions are not related. Many organisms which are commonly thought to be unrelated also have similarities.

Fish have fins and swim in water. But so do reptiles Ichthyosaur and mammals dolphins. If similarities really did indicate common ancestry, why do birds have wings as-well as essentially unrelated mammals and reptiles?

But so do mammals bats and reptiles Pterosaurs. Yet they are not closely related and are thought to have evolved from an ancestor without wings. But so do reptiles hadrosaur and mammals platypus.

Yet they are essentially unrelated and are thought to have evolved from an ancestor without a duck-bill. Birds have bony eye rings. But so do reptiles Ichthyosaur and many fish. Yet they are essentially unrelated and are thought to have evolved from an ancestor without eye rings. The placental mole and the pouched mole look extremely similar.

In fact, one would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between them. Yet evolutionists think that the whale and the placental mole are more closely related than the placental mole and the pouched mole.

The placental mouse and the marsupial mouse are very similar.

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Yet, evolutionists believe that the placental mouse and the horse are more closely related than the placental mouse and the marsupial mouse.

Observer Bias All these examples show the sheer folly of the similarity argument as evidence for evolution. But there is more than that — similarities are strongly subject to observer bias.

For instance, the hyrax is classified the ancestor to elephants and sea cow based on teeth; while it is also classified the ancestor of horses and rhinoceros based on the ears.

Daryl Domning said concerning this: A particular sac-like structure inside the neck related to the Eustachian tube, which resembles what you see in horses and tapirs, is not found in sea cows or elephants or other mammals.Analyze the two essays’ arguments by comparing (showing similarities) and contrasting (showing differences) your two essays regarding the effectiveness of their thesis statements, proposed solutions, and evidence.

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sentences, discuss the similarities and differences between the two sources’ counterarguments. Use specific examples to illustrate the similarities or differences. sentences, discuss the types of evidence used to support the main arguments, supporting points, and counterarguments in the two sources.

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