Computer science bachelor thesis

Pathway to Honours Students may be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Laws with Honours on the basis of an academic record including the Honours stream deemed by the Head of School to be of sufficient merit. To be admitted to the Honours stream candidates must have completed 72 credit points of law units at UNE with a grade point average GPA of 5. Where students have completed 72 credit points of law units with a grade point average GPA of 5. There will be three levels of Honours:

Computer science bachelor thesis

The aim is that the student applies the skills and knowledge acquired during the studies in problem solving and technical documentation. The student can perform a literature survey, or develop a piece of software, a device, or an algorithm, for example.

Independent thesis from a topic agreed with the supervisor 8 ECTS or 2.

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In the case of the independent thesis, the student must follow the writing instructions described later in this page. Embedded Software Project is usually made in groups and therefore the personal contribution of the student must be clearly addressed.

In this format, the thesis is graded using the scale How to Start Writing a Thesis? Bachelor thesis work can be started during the 3rd year of the studies.

Computer science bachelor thesis

The thesis can be also made to a company, if the supervisor approves the topic. At minimum, one meeting should focus on the table of contents at the beginning of the work and one meeting should focus on reviewing the completed thesis at the end.

When the topic is related to the research at the department, more frequent meetings are common. The supervisor should belong to the teaching or research personnel in the research groups of Computer Science and Engineering.

Computer science bachelor thesis

This means broader coverage in literature review, implementation and discussion sections.MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (with Thesis) Overview of Degree The Master of Science degree in Computer Science at The University of Georgia is a A bachelor degree is required, preferably with a major in Computer Science or an allied discipline.

Students with insufficient background in Computer Science must take. Aug 06,  · I did not graduated from Computer Science.

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But there are some IDEAs about choosing topic. Generally, I suggest you to think of your future career, what you want to do after graduated, how can your thesis help you with your career.

Department of Computer Science Kingsbury Hall N • 33 Academic Way • Durham, NH Tel: • Fax: • Email: CS. Computer Science. Bachelor degree (honours year) If the standard version of this degree sparks a desire to dig deeper into a topic, the extra year of this honours degree includes a research thesis and additional units to give you the chance to really pursue your passion.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Introduction Nowadays innovation was the primarily needs of man, that is, innovation in Information Technology that is currently getting broad and wide, the different application of technology can be seen anywhere, everywhere as a means of communication for business and other matters.

The Computer Science Department offers three degree options: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (A.B.), and Minor in Computer Science. The B.S. degree is the most technical undergraduate degree.

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