Business writing skills training in bangalore india

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Business writing skills training in bangalore india

The blank screen has replaced the page and the pen has been overpowered by our well-chewed nails. Our work environments demand frequent and quick, effective writing skills from us.

There is no time to sit and stare, wondering what comes next. Whether it is an email for internal circulation, an all-important mail to a coveted client or a report to the senior, precision, clarity of meaning and exactness of style are what we long to achieve.

Those blessed with this elusive skill are the people we secretly envy. Templates and old drafts have been copied by many in the recent years, sometimes with disastrous results, and even otherwise, leaving us with a sense of dissatisfaction because we know that we have not said exactly what we meant.

So what is needed is to understand where we are and how we could reach where we want to be. Nothing works like practice — practice writing and you will write better.

business writing skills training in bangalore india

So a series of a variety of writing will take us towards a better understanding of how we can improve our writing skills in the work place. A lot has changed in professional writing — in fact, it has become easier. What is the relevance of writing in the workplace?

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What are the outdated styles of writing that we are still clinging to? What are the supposedly new styles that we have inadvertently introduced into our writing? What are the mechanics of writing that can help us churn out unbelievably effective writing? What should be our focus while writing emails, letters, reports, brochures and flyers?

These are some of the aspects we look to cover in our workshop on Developing Writing Skills. Various exercises, discussions of different types of writing done and redrafting of pieces of writing should start the mind ticking about effective writing skills.

Malavika Nagarkar is a M.

business writing skills training in bangalore india

She also has a P. Certificate in Teaching of English from C. She has conducted several training programs in companies for writing, speaking and presentation skills, personality development, etiquettes etc.

She has also conducted many workshops in group discussion and interview techniques. She has rich teaching experience for Under-graduate and Post-graduate students University of Mumbai ; She is currently faculty at various management institutes teaching the M.The BWW for Young Writers will help young writers hone their writing and editing skills.

It is a fun, intensive workshop that will include excerpts from published literary work, exciting and fairly challenging writing exercises, and multiple open-ended discussions.

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The Business Writing Skills Training Course, teaches on how to set quality writing standards that help the employees increase productivity, resolve issues, avoid errors, and heighten credibility. With the global nature of today's business, organizations strive to stay competitive.

In this pursuit, an important focus area is to fine-tune the talent management strategy. Corporate training helps to sharpen, train and improve the skills of employees. Business Writing Skills; TUV Rheinland has been associated with IGTC Bangalore since its inception and has taken interns on a regular basis for business research, strategy, marketing, communications and overall development.

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Indo-German Training Centre (A division of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce) #, 3rd Floor. Various exercises, discussions of different types of writing done and redrafting of pieces of writing should start the mind ticking about effective writing skills.

Trainer: Ms. Malavika Nagarkar is a M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Essex, UK and M.A. in English Literature from the University of Mumbai.

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