A man i am stevie smith

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A man i am stevie smith

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A man i am stevie smith

Nature is sick at manSick at his fuss and fumeSick at his agoniesSick at his gaudy mindThat drives his bodyEver more quicklyMore and moreIn the wrong direction. CourtlyWho was a widow.

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Are not the trees green,The earth as green? Does not the wind blow,Fire leap and the rivers flow? The ant is busyHe carrieth his meat,All things hurryTo be eaten or eat. Man, too, hurries,Eats, couples, buries,He is an animal alsoWith a hey ho melancholy,Away with it, let it go.

Man of all creaturesIs superlative Away melancholy He of all creatures aloneRaiseth a stone Away melancholy Into the stone, the godPours what he knows of goodCalling, good, God. Away melancholy, let it go. Say rather it is enoughThat the stuffedStone of man's good, growing,By man's called God.

Away, melancholy, let it go. It is his virtue needs explaining,www. Away, melancholy,Away with it, let it goStevie Smithwww. Illusion is a freakOf mind;The cat's to seek. I like to laugh and be happyWith a beautiful kiss,I tell you, in all the worldThere is no bliss like this.

Joan her name was and at lunchtimeSolitary solitaryShe would go and watch the pictures In the National GalleryAll alone all aloneThis time with no friend beside herShe would go and watch the picturesAll alone. Will she leave her office colleaguesWill she leave her evening pleasuresToil within a friendly bureauRunning later in her leisure?

All alone all aloneBefore the pictures she seemed turned to stone. Close upon the Turner picturesCloser than a thought may goHangs her eye and all the coloursLeap into a special glowAll for her, all aloneAll for her, all for Joan.

First the canvas where the oceanLike a mighty animalWith a wicked motionLeaps for sailors' funeralHolds her painting. Oh the creatureOh the wicked virile thingWith its skin of fleck and shadowStretching tightening over him.

Wild yet caputured wild yet caputuredBy the painter, Joan is quite enraptured. Now she edges from the canvasTo another loved more dearlyWhere the awful light of purestSunshine falls across the spray,There the burning coasts of fancyOpen to her pleasure lay.

All alone all aloneCome away come awayAll alone. Lady Mary, Lady Kittywww. Come away come awayAll alone.Alone in the woods I felt The bitter hostility of the sky an Nature has taught her creatures to Man that fusses and fumes Unquiet man.

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Stevie Smith Alone in the Woods. Alone in the woods I felt. The bitter hostility of the sky and the trees. Nature has taught her creatures to hate. Man that fusses and fumes ‘I am no longer passiona But.

Mar 07,  · Anyway-- I am planning on using a 14 slide powerpoint, but with the poem by Stevie Smith that I had originally chosen, I am having difficulty coming up with enough information.

I mean, there's not much to analyze-- it's a pretty straight-forward caninariojana.com: Resolved. ‘A man I am is a poem of transformation and redemption’ - A Man I Am by Stevie Smith Essay introduction. Discuss this quote with close reference to the poem. A man I am was written by Stevie Smith, and like most of Stevie’s poems is unstructured and has individual verses which in this poems.

Stevie Smith is ripe for rediscovery – not only her hair-raisingly original work, but her rejection of a life dominated by men.


Her Novel on Yellow Paper inspired Amy Jenkins to begin writing. Hello everyone, / I am sure you have all heard of poets like Edgar Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath. Unknown Poet of the Week (Stevie Smith) Hello everyone, I am sure you have all heard of poets like Edgar Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath, William Blake and Robert Browning, but who of you have heard of Stevie Smith or Antjie Krog?

The dead man was a man. Apr 17,  · More information about the Poet: Stevie Smith The refrain of the poem, "Not Waving but Drowning" happens twice in this poem -- once at the end of the first stanza, and again on .